On today’s show I’m pleased to be joined one of the greatest illustrators and caricaturists of our generation.

In his 20 plus year career Jason Seiler's work has graced publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, The New York Times to name but a few. Most recently his painting of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris was a worldwide sensation when it appeared on the Time Magazine Person of the Year cover.

In this fun chat we discuss the ups and downs of a career in art, what it takes to succeed and his theory on the origin of cave painting. We also talk about his budding stand-up career and his brilliant arts podcast Face the Truth.

It's a fascinating chat and as you might expect from Jason, we have a few laughs along the way.

***Content Warning***

This episode include adult language and humour, and themes that some may find offensive and all views shared by guests are purely their own.


Jason Seiler - Artist, Illustrator, Podcaster, Stand-Up Comedian

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